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About Statistics Faroe Islands

Statistics Faroe Islands is the national statistical authority of the Faroe Islands and as such publishes official national statistical data in so far as data is available. Other national authorities compiling statistics are required to coordinate such activities with Statistics Faroe Islands.

Statistics Faroe Islands is an independent institute under the Ministry of Finance, which within the budget limits organizes its own activities. The Statistics Faroe Islands Act ensures that statistical data from the institute are produced without political influence. Likewise, the Act ensures that information handled by Statistics Faroe Islands is used solely for statistical purposes and not disclosed to others - neither authorities nor individuals.

Statistics Faroe Islands operates in accordance with Parliamentary Act no. 33 of 7th of May 1991. Prior to this, a statistical department of the Government managed statistical tasks.

While the need for statistical data is about the same in the Faroe Islands as in other countries, Statistics Faroe Islands is tiny compared to statistical institutes in other countries. Compared to the public interest and need, the amount of statistical data being produced is by far too small, which is why we prioritize the production of the most urgent and socially useful statistical data with the resources we have available.

The main areas of statistical data we attach importance to are the national accounts, balance of payments, foreign trade, the labour market, the population, industry statistics, income statistics and the consumer price index.

A major task of Statistics Faroe Islands is publishing. With our publications, we aim to offer the public the easiest possible access to statistical data of high quality. One of our important objectives for the future will be making data available on the internet in order to have the widest possible range of statistical data accessible to the public.