Life expectancy

Life expectancy is a measure of the average remaining time a person of a certain age has left to live, if the observed death rates of the year stay the same.

Life expectancy at birth is the most commonly used figure. It shows the calculated life span for newborns.

As the Faroese population is relatively small, there is a high degree of fluctuation in the annual figures. To even the fluctuations caused by the relatively small population the figures are smoothed using the LOWESS-method (LOcally WEighted Scatterplot Smoothing).

The figures from 1966 to 1985 are grouped into five-year averages compiled by Statistics Denmark. These figures are not smoothed and are only given for each sex.


  • Index shows the year-to-year percentage change, with a base year set at 100. The difference between two years is measured in percentage points.

See also Deaths.

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