Prices of services

The prices of services from Statistics Faroe Islands

The official national statistical data, produced by Statistics Faroe Islands, are published on the website of the organization:

The data are provided to the user free of charge, and inquiries from the public and organizations (including the media) that can be answered immediately with minor preparations and consultations are free of charge.

Answering ad-hoc inquiries, provision of value added services, request for unpublished data and responding to more complex inquiries are subject to the charging policy of the organization.

Simpler inquiries, taking time and resources to complete, are priced at a hourly charge of DKK 780,- (minimum half an hour DKK 390,-), and undertaken after an agreement with the customer is reached and documented via email.

Inquiries of a more complex nature, commissioned forecasting work ea., that take longer than a day to complete and/or involves the services of multiple members of staff, then the organization is obliged to recover costs based on a full economic cost model, and an appropriate contractual arrangement must be expected to be agreed upon.

Services in this category are currently priced at an hourly rate of DKK 920,-