Employees and patients at the country’s three hospitals.


  • Full-time equivalents (FTEs): Annual FTEs are all jobs converted into full-time jobs. For example, two half-time employees count as one FTE.
  • The average annual occupancy rate is calculated as the number of occupied beds (bed days) for curative care divided by the number of available beds for curative care (bed days x 100 / number of beds x 365).


  • The Faroese hospital system consists of the Main Hospital in Tórshavn, Klaksvík Hospital and Suðuroy Hospital.
  • Somatic hospital departments are units for the treatment of physical disorders and symptoms (medical and surgical wards). The statistics cover all three hospitals. Healthy newborns and their relatives are not included in the figures. The Main Hospital additionally includes a psychiatric ward.
  • Included in emergency room treatments at the Main Hospital and Suðuroy Hospital (since 2001) is also some outpatient aftercare treatment.
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Note: Is calculated as (bed-days * 100) / (beds * 365)