25. Apr 2021
Almost 10,000 hotel overnight stays in March

The Faroe Islands were hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in mid-March 2020. The 9,573 overnight stays in March 2021 represent a 110% increase on the March 2020 figure but a 3.7% decrease on the figure from March 2019.

March 2021 saw a year-on-year increase of more than 5,000 overnight stays in hotels. Hotel overnight stays are used as a measurement of the number of visitors and the duration of their stays.


Hotels in the capital region represent the majority of overnight stays. Compared to March 2020, the increase in the capital region was 124%, while the increase outside of the capital region was 31%.


The number of overnight stays by Faroese visitors has tripled compared to last year and doubled compared to 2019. The number of overnight stays dropped by more than 50% for Danish residents in the past year while the number was largely unchanged for residents of other nations.


Check-ins show the number of hotel visitors regardless of the duration of their stays.

In March 2021, the number of Faroese hotel visitors had increased by more than 600% compared to March 2020 and by more than 200% compared to March 2019.


Occupancy rates

The occupancy rate shows the number of available rooms used.

The occupancy rate for March 2021 was 28.5%, which is a slight increase on the 24.4% rate from March 2020 but significantly lower than the 44.1% rate in March 2019.



Overnight stay: in this context, an overnight stay is defined as a single night spent in a hotel which registers and passes this information on to Statistics Faroe Islands. For example, if ten people spend three nights at a hotel, this counts as 30 overnight stays.

Check-in: the number of individuals who check in at a hotel.

Room nights: the number of rooms occupied over a certain period. For example, if ten people spend three nights in five rooms, this counts as 15 room nights.

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