Exports of goods
13. May 2020
Big drop in exports to China in Q1

Total exports of goods fell by DKK 100 million in March 2020 compared with March 2019. Fish exports saw a particularly big drop, with DKK 50 million, or 8 percent, less than in March 2019

As the figures for April are not yet available, it is too early to say whether the decline in exports can be attributed to COVID-19.


China felt the first impacts of COVID-19 and introduced restrictive measures early this year. Exports of goods to China in the first quarter of this year dropped by 65 percent, compared with Q1 2019. Exports to the US and the UK in Q1 are about the same as Q1 2019.

Europe’s COVID-19 restrictions were not introduced until March, so a clearer indication of the impact of COVID-19 will come once the April figures are in. France and Italy are among the hardest-hit nations, and exports to these nations are down, but exports to Spain have not suffered, despite Spain also being heavily affected by COVID-19.