The police
22. Apr 2021
Big drop in most types of criminal cases

The number of reported criminal offences has halved over the past 13 years, going from 1,100 cases in 2007 to 532 last year. Most types of criminal offences have declined – with sexual crime being a notable exception.

The big drop in crime in recent years is particularly evident in the number of vandalism cases, which went from 400 in 2007 to just above 100 in 2020, and burglaries and theft cases, which went from 473 in 2001 to 133 last year.


Sexual offences (crimes of indecency), on the other hand, are on an increase. After signs of a decrease in the 00s, the number of sexual offences has increased significantly in recent years. Although the numbers are relatively low and inconsistent, an increase of 21 reported offences in 2017 to 33 in 2019 gives a clear indication of a growing trend.

Another type of crime with relatively few reported cases is unrest and defamation, which after 20 years of between 30 and 60 annual cases now also shows a slightly growing trend.