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20. Apr 2023
Big increase in sex crime cases

The overall number of reported criminal offences has more than halved over the past 16 years, going from 1,100 cases in 2007 to 532 in 2020. One figure stands out in this context: the past five years have seen a massive increase in reported sex crimes.


The big drop in crime in recent years is particularly evident in the number of vandalism cases, which went from 400 in 2007 to 100 in 2020, and burglaries and theft cases, which went from 473 in 2001 to 143 last year. 

The number of assault cases dropped down to 55 in 2017 but has now doubled, with 111 cases registered in 2022.


However, the figure that stands out in this context is the rapid increase in reported sex crimes. An annual average of 20 such cases were reported from the turn of the century up until 2017. This figure has since skyrocketed, reaching 113 in 2022.

Reports of unrest and defamation have ranged between 30 and 60 in the past 20 years; however, a modest upwards trend has been forming over the past few years.


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Note: Violence is: Crimes towards life and limb (incl. manslaughter) and violence towards innocents (chap. 25)