Exports of goods
20. Mar 2024
Fish exports up by DKK 173 million

Total exports increased by DKK 12.6 billion from February 2023 to January 2024. This is DKK 30 million less than in the previous 12-month period.

The tables below show export figures in terms of value and volume in the February 2023 – January 2024 period compared with the previous 12-month period.

Fish exports rose by DKK 173 million (1.5%). This increase was driven mainly by a significant increase in exports of fish oil and fishmeal, up year-on-year by DKK 371 million and DKK 363 million, respectively.

Herring and capelin exports have gone up in terms of both value and volume. Capelin exports more than doubled in terms of value, while the volume increased by two-thirds. The export value of herring increased by a fifth, while the volume rose by a third.




Tables for imports and exports have been restructured. All tables now allow selection of imports/exports and value/volume.

The new SITC table (UH01026) is similar to the old tables (UH01020 and UH01021), with the following changes:

  • Upgraded BEC classification from Rev. 4 to Rev. 5.
  • Uses the FAO’s ISSCFC fishery commodities classification.
  • Fish species are classified according to the MCS (Main Commercial Species) system by The European Market Observatory for fisheries and aquaculture products (EUMOFA), launched by the EU Commission. 
  • Includes fish processing information and supply chain data.

The ISSCFC includes a large number of commodities searchable by codes or text.

All data in the ISSCFC table will eventually be translated into Faroese.

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