Imports of goods
16. Feb 2022
Imports in 2021 record high

The total value of imports in 2021 was DKK 9.3 billion, a 13.8% increase on 2020.

The import value on mineral fuels, lubricants and related materials has increased by over DKK 400 million in 2021 (just over 43%), despite similar consumption levels as in 2020. Imports also grew significantly for the two groups ‘raw materials for fish productions’ (DKK 234 million) and ‘machinery and other capital equipment’ (DKK 237 million).


Imports from Asia and Africa on the rise

Imports from Asia saw the largest increase in 2021 out of all international territories, although imports from Africa in relative terms have seen the highest growth during the past 10 years, averaging a 20% increase every year. Imports from Africa have now all but levelled imports from Asia, due to rising fuel imports.


Large quantities of raw materials for fish productions imported

In relative terms, the group with the highest increase was raw materials for fish productions (over 60%). Imports of fresh fish and frozen whole fish for productions increased by DKK 150 million and DKK 140 million, respectively.  


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