Labour force
18. Nov 2022
Survey: Do the Faroe Islands still have Europe’s highest activity rate?

The annual labour force survey for 2022 is taking place from November .21st to 25th

In 2021, the Faroese labour force consisted of 31,968 people, which is 83.6% of the country’s total working-age population (ages 15-74).

This was the highest activity rate in Europe, followed by Iceland.

The labour force counts the section of residents aged between 15 and 74 who are capable of providing work.

Part of the annual labour force survey is conducted through phone interviews, with approx. 1,200 respondents in different age groups being surveyed by Gallup on behalf of Statistics Faroe Islands.

The labour force statistics are compiled in accordance with the general guidelines of the International Labour Organization (ILO), a tripartite United Nations agency. This ensures accurate and direct comparisons between the Faroese figures and those from other nations.