15. Sep 2023
Baldur, Brandur and Kristian – the most popular names for boys born in 2022

For the first time, Baldur, Brandur and Kristian top the list of popular boy’s names.

Five boys born in 2022 were named Baldur, Brandur and Kristian.
Other popular boy’s names were Mattias, Nóa and Tóki. Six of the boys born last year have not yet been given a name.


Baldur, Brandur and Kristian top the list of popular boy’s names for the first time. At least five occurrences of a name are usually required to end up on top of the list.

Although Brandur has been a popular baby boy name in the past 20 years, this is the first time Brandur tops the list. Five baby boys were named Brandur in 2020, six in 2002 and seven in 2005, but this was not enough to reach first place.

Kristian has not been among the most popular names since 2014, when six boys were given this name. Of the three names at the top of the baby boy names list, Kristian was the most common across the entire male population in the Faroes in 2022.

Baldur is a less common name than Brandur and Kristian. Only once before have five boys in the same year been named Baldur. This was in 2019, when Baldur was third on the list of popular baby boy names.


Meanwhile, further down the list we find Jónas. Three boys born in 2022 were named Jónas, compared to 11 in the previous year. A total of 155 boys have been named Jónas this century. This has been the most popular baby boy name in the 2010s and the 2020s. At least one boy has been named Jónas in the past 27 years.
Nóa has become a popular boy’s name. No-one was named Nóa in the previous century, making this a relatively new name in the Faroes. Four boys were named Nóa in 2022, compared to nine in 2021.
Only Jónas appears on both the lists of popular baby boy names in 2022 and popular names in general. For more on popular names across the population, read this article.

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About names

The above list covers first names of persons residing in the Faroe Islands on 1 January. All names are listed in accordance with the national register. Double first names, e.g. Hans Petur or Anna Maria, are listed as a single name. 

As it can take up to six months before a child is officially named, the name list is updated after 1 July.

Name statistics are now available all the way back to 1985.

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