Imports of goods
16. Feb 2023
Record-high imports in 2022

Total imports amounted to DKK 12.1 billion in 2022, a year-on-year increase of 31%.

The import value of fuels went up by DKK 939 million in 2022, an increase of more than 70% on 2021. The import volume of fuels dropped by 12% in the same period. Imports of goods ‘for other industries’ and ‘for aqua- and agriculture’ also went up significantly, increasing by DKK 383 million and DKK 239 million, respectively.


More imports from non-Nordic Europe

The Faroe Islands import most of its goods from the Nordic countries. In 2022, however, imports from non-Nordic European countries surpassed the figure for the Nordic countries. Imports from Nordic countries amounted to just below DKK 5.2 billion, while the figure for the other European countries was just above DKK 5.2 billion. The annual increase in imports from non-Nordic European countries amounted to DKK 1.7 billion. This growth predominantly comes from fuel imports.


Aquaculture imports on the rise

Excluding fuel from these figures, the ‘for aqua- and agriculture’ group had the biggest increase in import value, going up by 38%. Imports of fish feed increased by DKK 161 million (42%) in 2022.


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