27. Sep 2022
Twice as many hotel stays as summer of 2013

The number of hotel overnight stays during the summer has more than doubled since 2013 when records began. June, July and August 2022 saw almost 97,000 stays compared to 44,000 in the same months of 2013.


Faroese hotels registered 97,315 overnight stays in June, July and August of this year. This is an increase of 23,300 stays (32%) on the same period last year.

Hotel overnight stays are used as a measurement of the number of visitors and the duration of their stays.



The number of overnight stays by Faroese and Danish residents is roughly unchanged from last year, while the number for residents outside the Danish Kingdom more than doubled.

About 6,000 more stays were registered this summer than in the summer of 2019, which was the previous record summer.



Check-ins show the number of hotel visitors regardless of the duration of their stays.

About 37,000 hotel check-ins were registered in June, July and August, which is a 46% increase on last summer and a 31% increase on the summer of 2019.


Occupancy rates

The occupancy rate shows the number of available rooms used.

About 77% percent of all hotel rooms were occupied in the summer months of this year, up from 65% in the same period last year.

In 2019, the occupancy rate was 89%. The number of hotel rooms has increased significantly since then with the opening of two large hotels and expansions of several others. This is why the occupancy rate is now lower than in 2019, despite the increase in overnight stays.

The graph below shows occupancy rates by month


Overnight stays and check-ins so far this year

The year-to-date figures show an increase of 47% in overnight stays and an increase of 42% in check-ins compared to the same period last year.



Overnight stay: in this context, an overnight stay is defined as a single night spent in a hotel which registers and passes this information on to Statistics Faroe Islands. For example, if ten people spend three nights at a hotel, this counts as 30 overnight stays.

Check-in: the number of individuals who check in at a hotel.

Room nights: the number of rooms occupied over a certain period. For example, if ten people spend three nights in five rooms, this counts as 15 room nights.

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