01. Sep 2021
Elias and Vár – the most popular baby names in 2020

Maria and Jákup remain the most common names in the Faroe Islands.

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Vár was the most popular name given to baby girls born in 2020, followed by Aria, Eir, Emma, Hanna, Lilja, Lív and Tóra.

Many of the names in the 2020 list were not featured in the first name list from 2001. However, Vár was the most popular baby girl name in 2001 and 2020. Other popular baby girl names in 2020 were Barba, Lóa, Nora, Olivia and Ranja.

The most popular baby boy name in 2020 was Elias, followed by Benjamin, Levi, Lukas, Brandur, Hákun, Mattias, Filip, Bartal, Liam and Silas.

Out of everyone residing in the Faroe Islands on 1 January 2021, Maria, Anna and Annika were the most common women’s names, followed by Marjun, Katrin, Beinta and Rannvá.

Jákup and Jógvan have been topping the most popular men’s names list since records began in 2001. Other names such as Rúni, Bárður, Martin, Høgni and Magnus have also featured on the list for many years.

Names that have been added since the first list in 2001 and have now become relatively common names include Nóa, Liam, Bragi and Mika (boys) and Ranja, Brá, Vón and Ria (girls).

Double names are becoming less common. In the top-100 list for popular women’s names in 2020, only two double names appear – Anna Maria and Anna Sofía. Hans Jacob is the only double name in the men’s top-100.


About names

The above list covers first names of persons residing in the Faroe Islands on 1 January 2021. All names are listed in accordance with the national register. Double first names, e.g. Hans Petur or Anna Maria, are listed as a single name.

As it can take up to six months before a child is officially named, the name list is updated after 1 July.